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Product Update: New favourite petroleum degreaser, wheel mitt and detail brush!

I am not sponsored, nor receiving money from any of the companies mentioned in this article.

These kinds of posts will be a regular thing on my blog. Whenever I find a new product that I feel fits my needs better than the current product i am using for that specific task I will create a blog post about it, to discuss why I like it better and why i choose to use it. I will also give some pros and cons to summaries each product. Hopefully these blog posts can help you choose new products in your wash regime.

I have found 3 new favourite products, which are now regularly used in my wash regime. The three products are

1. Tershine - Dissolve

2. Work Stuff - Hurricane Wheel Mitt

3. Work Stuff - Detailing Brush 40mm

Tershine - Dissolve

Dissolve is a petroleum based degreaser which is a pretty common type of degreaser in the nordic countries. Petroleum based degreasers are also known as solvent based degreasers or as they are known in Scandinavia a 'kallavfetting'. There is a big market in the nordic countries for petroleum based degreaser and therefore it can be difficult to find a product you like. One of the most common bought petroleum degreasers is Prickbort. This is easily available in many stores in Scandinavia and usually goes for around 40 SEK for 1 liter. You can't thin out a petroleum based degreaser with water as petroleum and water do not mix together, and therefore, you often buy bottles of 1 liter. An important thing to understand about petroleum based products is that they affect your exterior trim on your vehicle as they are also made of petroleum (plastic). Spraying these kinds of products on exterior trim increases the rate at which the trim dries out. If you have ever seen cars with what is supposed to be black plastic trim, but they look faded or white-ish, it can be two reasons. The first is that the sun's UV rays has damaged and faded the trim, and the second reasons can be that someone has used a petroleum degreaser for every wash on the vehicle, which has dried out and damaged the protective layer on your exterior trim. When this happens, there is no real way of getting your trim looking black (or whatever colour you have) again, except with temporary protective coatings like a ceramic coating, or a plastic sealant. However using a petroleum based degreaser is important for us driving in the nordic countries as during the winter periods, our roads are covered in salt, studded tires mixed with asphalt is thrown up on our cars, making a dangerous mix of dirt, tar, asphalt and oils getting stuck to our cars.

And this is where we get to Tershine Dissolve. Dissolve is also a petroleum based degreaser, but a milder mix than e.g. Prickbort. This is one of the main reasons as to why I like Dissolve as it can dwell up to 15 minutes on the paint, while a lot of other petroleum based degreasers usually can dwell between 4-7 minutes. However, I will still only let it dwell for 4-5 minutes before either adding a layer of alkaline degreaser on top of it or rinsing it off. In most cases this will remove what tar, asphalt or oils you have on your paint, and if this doesn't remove the tar or asphalt spots, i will rather spot treat them with a citrus tar remover or Dissolve. Spot treating tar spots saves your exterior trim from any further damage by the petroleum degreaser. Also by being a milder mix it will not harm your exterior plastic as much as a stronger one.

Another reason for me liking Dissolve is that i can buy it over the counter at a local shop for 99 SEK, and it doesn't smell horrible as many other petroleum based degreasers do. One of the things i don't like about Dissolve is that the spray trigger does leak a bit, so it's important to use gloves while using this product. I am considering buying a better spray bottle designed for solvents to fix this problem.


Easily available (in Sweden)

Doesn't smell bad

Milder than other petroleum based degreaser


Leaky spray trigger

Price is always something you can say is negative, but it depends on your budget and what you are willing to spend on products. I feel like this product is well priced for what it does, and therefore, isn't really a con.

Link to product from Tershine.se

Work Stuff - Hurricane Wheel Mitt

Even though I love detailing, one of the things i always get most frustrated over is cleaning wheels and especially the rim. Getting in between all the spokes, behind them, and all of those small intricate areas of the rim which are just so hard to get, and all this while squatting (or if you are lucky enough to have a chair to sit on) is something I always want to make as painless as possible. I have tried normal wash mitts, smaller microfiber mitts, microfiber brushes and brushes, but nothing compares to this little piece of microfiber mitt.

It's super soft and all the stitches are of great quality. You really notice how well made this product is by Work Stuff.

You can easily slip in your entire hand with your nitrile glove on. There are three small pockets for your fingers in the top as you can see on the picture from where the mitt sticks more together. This gives you the ability to get into those hard to reach areas or just wrap your hand around the spoke of the wheel.

There is also a little loop which you can thread over your thumb to keep it on your hand while cleaning the wheels.

Overall this is a great product, and the best wheel mitt I have tried. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Cheap (bought for 123 SEK)

Great quality


Easily washable with your wheel microfiber towels

Great for those hard to reach areas



Link to product at CD Bilvårdsprodukter

Work Stuff - 40mm Detailing Brush

I needed a quality brush to use during my wash phase in areas which can be hard to agitate with a microfiber mitt, like around the windows, the grill of the car, and around the mirrors. After watching a review from Auto Fanatic on Youtube, he recommended this brand, and that's why i wanted to try these brushes.

I wanted a big enough brush that is soft on the paint, and well built, and this brush does both of those things.

The brush handle is made of plastic, but feels like really solid and well made product, while the bristles on the brush are super soft.

I will in the future get more of the Work Stuff detailing brushes to use on my wheels, and interior. They have a great line up of brushes in different sizes.


Super quality

Soft bristles



Link to product at CD Bilvårdsprodukter

I hope you have liked my first post. If you have any questions or comments about the products please leave a message in the comment field, or contact me at EntireCar on facebook or by contact.entirecar@gmail.com.

Keep it on the road. EntireCar.




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