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Angelwax wheel coating and tire dressing

When reading different forums and facebook groups for auto detailing from around the world it is easy to see the bias towards different brands in these groups, and it is really easy to be persuaded that these products are the best. I don't want to say i fell into one of these "traps" but one of the facebook detailing groups i am in are particularly bias towards Angelwax. Now i don't mind this brand and i have added a few of their items to my products i use on my car. I believe a lot of the bias towards this specific brand is to the owner of the shop being active in the group and delivering good customer service, while selling a excellent product. Angelwax Vision (My glass cleaner) has been a favourite, so i thought it was time try something different from Angelwax.

While driving from my hometown to my parents place i drive by their shop and i thought this would be the perfect time to stop by the shop and get my hands on some wheel coating. I had just bought my Lexus IS250 (XE20) and i felt like the wheels needed some love. I have no previous experience with coatings and i thought that a wheel coating would be a great start into the coating world of detailing. Also from the Facebook group Angelwax's Enigma Legacy wheel and caliper coating had received a lot of praise for being a easy to apply wheel coating. I ended up buying 30ml of the coating for around 600 SEK. While in the shop i also thought i would try Angelwax's Si02 tire dressing Enigma Elixir with claimed durability of 2 months if applied properly. The next day i started the coating work on my wheels.

To this job i had to do it properly, so I raised the car on 4 jacks and and removed all of the wheels before a proper deep clean of each wheel. I treated the wheels as i would with paint on a car, meaning a petroleum based degreaser to remove tar, cover with an alkaline degreaser (Surfex HD), and then rinsed. I scrubbed the tire walls with a 10% Surfex HD mix a number of times before the foam was white, to indicate that the rubber was clean. After allowing the degreasers to dwell i rinsed the wheel with the pressure washer, before i sprayed the wheel with Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel. I agitated all embedded brake dust on the wheel and let it dwell for as long as i could before it dried out. I would repeat this step until satisfied. For stubborn tar on the wheel i used Tac System Tar Zero which i sprayed on and then scrapped with my thumb nail. This processes was repeated for all 4 wheels.

After the wheel was propper clean i used Tac System Oil zero to remove any remaining contaminates on the wheel. I proceeded to use Sonax Perfect finish by hand as to prepp the wheel for the coating, though i knew it wouldn't remove any swirls in the paint, it was mainly used to give the wheel a propper scubb before application. I then wiped off the polish with a clean MF towel.

As coatings need a controlled environment for best application i decided to carry them down to my room, as my parents don't have a garage.

Before applying the coating the tires were again sprayed with an IPA, Tac system Oil Zero to ensure that wheels were ready for the coating.

I applied it with a mf applicator with just a few drips on the pad. I started with the inside of the wheel to then turning it around and doing the outside. I did not buff the inside as nobody will look at my inside wheel and i wanted the coating as thick as possible.

Applying Enigma Wheel and Caliper coating was extremely easy, no real flashing. I went over the entire front of the wheel and then buffed off first with one MF towel, and a second one to ensure that i had buffed off any highspots. The wheels were then left to cure for 24 hours before i bolted them back onto my car.

I used about half the bottle for 1 layer for one set of wheels, and i have since coated my winter wheels as well, and there is still some left in the bottle. Unfortunately i have not been able to use it all and the expiration date has now passed and i will not be using the leftovers as i can guess it has started to crystalize.

All in all, i am very please with how easy it was to apply and how good my wheels look now. After a week i washed my wheels, and the pressure washer was nearly enough to get them clean again which i was amazed over. I now clean the wheel it's self with Tac System Wheel cleaner which keeps them nice and glossy.

To apply the Angelwax Enigma Elixir, i first sprayed some IPA mixture on the tire walls, and scrubbed with a mf towel just to make sure that they were spotless before applying. I added 2 layers of Enigma Elixir to the tirewalls. I added one layer, let it sit for 20min before applying the second layer. I would wait another 5min before buffing of any excess. After application the tires would have more shine than CarPro Perl, but not so much that i felt like it had glossy tires. Again this was a easy product to use, and as any tire dressing it is hard to judge their durability, as tires get dirty and look dirty quick. I do like the look of the tires from Enigma Elixir and it does feel like it helps keep my tires more clean, or at least makes them easier to clean which is something positive. (Also great for external plastic!)

I have used my summer wheels all summer and they have held up good over the 4 months i have used Enigma Wheel and Caliper coating. My maintenance washes has been Surfex HD at 10% on the tires and Tac System Wheel cleaner on the wheel it self. I wash my car once a week.

The real test will be now in the winter, to see how they hold up with, ice, snow and salt on the roads. I will write a seperate post of this after the winter. I don't have much experience with coatings yet, though i am very impressed with Angelwaxs first coating, and i would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to try a coating for the first time.

Disclamer: I bought this product with my own money and i was not sponsored.


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