Wheel & Tire

Wheel Cleaner

Valet Pro - Dragons Breath

I use this once every 4th wash to rid my wheels of any iron particles. I use this product on both my tires and rims. Spray on, and use brushes to agitate and rinse off. Efficient at cleaning wheels.

Wheel Cleaner Maintenance Wash

Koch Kemi Green Star

A powerful and good APC to clean your wheels with. I mix it at 10% and use my IK 1,5 foamer to apply it. This allowes the product to cling to the wheel to give it time to work on all the grime. Depending on wheel - car combo i use a different asortment of brushes to help agitate Green Star on the wheel. An alkaline cleaner is perfect for maintenance washes to wheels and tires.



Tire Shine

CarPro - Perl

A water based dressing which can be used for interior or exterior plastic and vinyl. I use this every second wash during the summer and after every wash in the winter diluted 1:1 (1 part water 1 part product), and apply it with a sponge. Let to dry for 5 min before a wipe down with a MF towel.



Wheel Mitt

Work Stuff - Hurricane Wheel Mitt

This is my current favourite wheel wash mitt. It's small, it has two pockets for my fingers to move around in, and lets me easily clean the spokes of my wheel. Another solid product from Work Stuff.

Wheel Brush - Small

Generic Small Wheel Brush

This one actually fits between my brake caliper and wheel, which makes it a must in my arsenal. Also having a smaller brush to reach behind the wheel is usefull to have if you ever are detailing a friends car.

Wheel Brush - Large

Biltema Wheel Brush

Great for cleaning behind the wheels or for the wheel arches.

Tire Brush - Deep Clean

Tuf Shine - Tire Brush

When you need to scrub your tire of some nasty dirt or are prepping it for a new base coat of a tire coating or dressing then this is the brush to use. Stiff bristles and cheap, makes it a must have product. If you were ever to have one tire brush, then this is it.

Tire Brush - Maintenance

Vikan Wheel Brush

On my maintenance washes where my tires are dressed i like to use a softer tire brush, and this is where the Vikan brush comes in. Softer bristles and a cheap price makes this a useful brush to have.

Lug Nut Brush

Valet Pro

Cleaning your lugnuts can be difficult without the right tool. This Valet Pro Lug nut brush does this job perfect. Can also be used on the face of the wheel to clean it if you have fancy spokes.

Tire Shine Applicator

CarPro - Tire Shine Applicator

Bought these of ebay. Copies of the CarPro applicators sold. Get a pack with 10. They last a long time and spread product well on the tire.

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