Pre-Wash Petrolium Based

Tershine - Dissolve

A mild petroleum based degreaser.

Pre-Wash Alkaline Based

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

At a 4% dillution Surfex is still strong enough to remove traffic film, while not removing any wax or sealant. It will deterioate the wax/sealant a little, but this is a give and take situation. A clean car is more important than a half clean car with an intact protection, at least that is my opinion. What i like about Surfex is that its efficient and strong cleaner. You can get 5 liters of the product for not that much, and the versatility of the product.




Chemical Guys - Honedew Snowfoam

Currently i use this as my snowfoam. I mix this in my IK9 foam sprayer and foam my car after the pre-wash. Of course depending on how dirty my car is, this could be the first step after rinsing the car. I usually dont rinse off my snowfoam, as i use it as extra lubrication with my car shampoo. What i like about this product is that it smells great and foams well.


2-3 squirts in 5 liter IK 9 Foam Sprayer


CarPro - Reset

A powerful, good smelling and slick car shampoo. The dilution ratio is also fantastic, hence why i still have the old bottle design (also because i a lot of ONR inbetween washes). I have yet to try anything better. Will be buying this again after this bottle is empty (of course i will try other shampoos inbetween).



Wash Mitt

Gtechniq - WM2 Microfiber Wash Mitt

A good wash mitt, which holds a good amout of product. Feels slick on the paint with the combination of Carpro Reset.

Exterior Detailing Brush

Work Stuff - Detail Brush

A durable and super soft bristle brush i use on emblems, around windows, and grills during my hand wash of cars.

Drying Towel

Sonax - Super Dry

Super absorbant and soft towel. Not to big as well, and easily dries my entire car.

Drying Towel

Biltema - Extra Large Drying Towel

I use this on cars that dont have protection as the water does not sheet off, so i need a big towel to absorb all the water.


Optimum - No Rinse

This is one of my favourite products. So versatile! Can be used as clay lube, a quick detailer, works as a glass cleaner, works at cleaning interiors. A product any detailer should have in their arsenal, though it's also important to know its limitations. For us living in apartments this product is nearly irreplaceable as long as you can use a car wash to rinse your car beforehand.



Rinsless Sponge

Optimum - Big Red Sponge

A sponge created to be used with ONR. I prefer the BRS as a wash medium with ONR.

Rinsless Wash

Optimum Synergy

Spray bottle filled with normal ONR dilution to pre rinse the entire vehicle. Then was with ONR in a bucket. Then dry of car using some soft microfiber towels.



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