Sonax - Cutmax

A easy product to work with. Does exactly what it advertises.


Sonax Perfect Finish

Has a little cut to remove those last swirls, and gives a fantastic shine to the paint. Also very easy to work with.


Shine Mate - ERO600 DA

My first DA. Has a 5" backing plate, and has an adapter for a 6" backing plate as well. Friendly to use for a beginner, can't go wrong with this machine.

Oil/Wax Remover

Tax System - Oil Zero

After polishing, or before laying down some protection removing any old oils or waxes are important for the best possible longevity of that sealant. Oil Zero is a IPA solution to prepare your paint for protection. I do however, recommend using a panel wipe from the same company as your wax/sealant/coating to ensure a panel which is prepped correctly for the protection.

Foam Pad - Fine

Rupes - Yellow Foam Pad

Perfect for one step polishes. Quality pads with great durability. True, tried and tested.

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