Paint Protection


Bilt Hamber - Double Speed Wax

I love a good wax during the summer. Nothing like applying a wax and seeing that lovely shine. Double Speed Wax (DSW) is a easy wax to apply, and has great durability for being a wax. It is also realtivly cheap, and a tin of DSW lasts for many cars! Gives also really good water beeding which is nice. Something i highly recommend if you like waxes.

Paint Sealant (Polymer)

Meguiars - Paint Protect

My first paint sealant which i bought when i was new to the field. I've used this as my base layer during winters. Gives a nice shine, super easy to apply, and smells good.

Quick Detailer - Summer

Bilt Hamber - Auto QD

I usually like to keep my wax and QD in the same family to enhance my protection. This year i will be using BH QD as my drying aid in conjunction with BH DSW to enhance the gloss and ease up the drying process.


1:5 - 1:1 depending on gloss

Quick Detailer - Winter

Sonax - Brilliant Shine Detailer

A really potent quick detailer which i use as my drying aid during the winter months. While drying i spray one spray per panel. After going over the entire car i go over the entire car with a dry buffing towel to ensure all water is gone (as it is freezing and cold). Bonus: Smells delicious and you can easily get it at the local shop (Mekonomen).

Wheel Protection

Gyeon - Wet Coat

As i dont have the best looking wheels with some paint coming off i have never bothered with coating my wheels, which is what i would do if i had a nice set of wheels, but since i don't own a pair of nice wheels i use Gyeon Wet coat on them. I always ensure i have super clean wheels before first application of Wet Coat, and then continue to top up about every second month during the summer, and every month during the winter. The reason i use this product is based on its ease of use. Spray on, rinse off.

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