All Purpose Cleaner

Gtechniq - Tri-Clean

This is a great product to use on areas which are touched a lot, like inside door handles, steering wheels, gear knobs, and any button on the dashboard. Has exceptional cleaning power, and can be used on any surface in the car, from plastic, vinyl, textile to leather. Only reason for this not being my only interior cleaner is that it's to expensive to use on an entire interior, but good for a quick wipedown.

All Purpose Cleaner

Bilt Hamber - Surfex HD

This is my go to all purpose cleaner. Cheap, and super effective on all surfaces in the car. Just dilute this product to the strength needed and you will find it will cover 99% of your interior needs. I like this especially for textiles, like dirty carpets.



Leather Cleaner

Angelwax - Heaven for Leather

A nice leather cleaner. Brush on with the colour lock brush, let foam vanish, and dry with a damp MF towel. The leather seats loose that shine they get after they get filled with oils, and return to their matt look.

Interior Cleaner - Maintenance

Optimum - No Rinse

When i just want to wipe over the interior quickly in the middle of the week, or just a quick touchup, ONR mixed at normal wash dilution is perfect for the job. Either keep a MF in a bucket with ONR and use it, or just have it ready in a spray bottle. I use this on all my interior (even my leather seats).



Interior dressing

Chemical Guys - Silk Shine Dressing

Once every 3 months i like to add a nice dressing to my interior. Silk Shine Dressing has been a nice dressing to use, gives of a nice smell, and leaves a mat finish. Wipe on, and a light buff off, and your plastics look like new again. (Don't use on your pedals or mats as they become slippery)


Chemical Guys - New Car Smell

When you want that new car smell, this is my go to spray. Interior fragrances is personal preferance. I use this only sometimes, or when i am cleaning my friends cars. A few squirts under the floor mats and the car has a nice smell, not too strong.

Interior Brush

Vikan Interior Brush

A good sized brush to be used on textiles in the car. Not that expensive either, and Vikan always makes solid quality brushes.

Interior Brush

Generic Interior Brush

I use this when surfaces of my interior need agitation. Cheap brush from Amazon, but does it job. Mostly used on interior plastic/vinyl.

Leather Brush

Colour Lock - Leather Brush

A cheap leather brush, made by one of the best companies when it comes to leather care products, Colourlock. The bristles of the brush are perfect for scrubbing leather interior. It can also be used on alcantara interior.

Pet Hair Brush

Biltema - Interior Brush

Biltema has this as an interiorbrush, and i have used it for this purpose, but this brush also works for pet hairs, as it creates some static with it's rubber "fingers". If you own a pet this brush works great.

Small Interior Brushes

Vikan - Interior Brushes

I bought these to reach those small areas which are impossible to reach. Good to have in your aresenal, and cheap, only 40 SEK.

Applicator Pad

Biltema - Applicator Pad

I use this will applying my interior dressing. A normal MF towel will also work for this purpose.

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