Glass & Trim

Glass Cleaner

Angelwax - Vision

A real potent glass cleaner. Stinks, but boy does it clean well! Leaves no streaks and a super clean glass.

Glass Sealant

Gtechniq - G5

A easy to apply sealant for your outside glass. Apply, leave for 15min and buff off. Lasts around 2-3 months depding on weather and wear. I don't even have to use wipers on the motorway with this product on.

Trim Dressing

CarPro - Perl

One of the best water based dressing. Perl is super versatile and can be used on tires, interior plastics, and exterior plastics. Most of my trim is covered with a sealant so Perl is used as a topper to keep the plastic looking good.



Glass Cleaning Microfiber

Gtechniq - MF5 Power Glass Cloth

An efficent glass cleaning cloth. Currently i like the diamondshaped glass cloths based as i feel like it grabs well and pulls out most of the dirt.

Glass Cleaning Microfiber

Biltema - Microfiber Towel

Currently testing this product to see where it best fits, or its needed. Mostly used after i have cleand the glass with the Gtechniq glass cloth to buff off any last residue.

Applicator Pad

Biltema - Applicator Pad

Used to apply Perl on plastic trim on the exterior of the car.

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