Hand Pump Foamer

IK - 1,5 Foamer

This is mostly used for maintenance wheel cleaning, where i will fill it with Koch Kemi Green Star and cover the entire wheel and tire. I also use it for interior cleaning where i will fill it with an interior cleaner or APC, foam the textile and then agitate with a brush. You don't always want to soak textile so the foam will lay on top of the textile, where it can be brushed in with a pencil or brush.

Pump Foamer

IK - 9 Foamer

As i live in an apartment, and the wash bays where i live don't have quick connects i have to use a separate foamer to get som snowfoam on the car. I use this in combination with my pre wash stage and use a pH neutral snowfoam in it.

Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson - V11 Absolute

As i live in an apartment with not electrical sockets by the car i have to use a battery powered vacuum cleaner for the job. Why not have the Rolls Royce of battery powered vacuum cleaners? This does a super job on carpets, and with a few attachments i can get all the areas of the car easily with this vaccume. For super dirty jobs i wont use this vaccume.


Biltema - Nitril Gloves

Cheap and good gloves i wear while cleaning cars. Usually reuse them during light cleaning jobs.

Steam Cleaner

Kärcher - SC4 Steam Cleaner

I love my steam cleaner. Cleaning interiors with this is both fun and efficient. Really good at stubborn spots, cleaning textile and vinyl. The SC4 has two water tanks that allow it to run continuously. What i also love about the steam cleaner is that i use for cleaning floors inside the house, the bathroom and the kitchen. Multipurpose!

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